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Paper Turtles

Jumping Frogs




3 Kits for  cool crafts with  simple materials               with materials,8 page illustrated Instruction book and Link to how-to video

Great stocking stuffers!


Experience the richness and nuance of watercolor painting in a new way.  each round coaster consists of handprinted and cut watercolor "tiles" mounted on 3'5 inch Masonite, quadruple varnished to protect it from moisture.  5 unique 4 coaster sets, each  in a silvery gift bag.  Nice Price, with Free Shipping.

coasters in bags copy.jpg
warm checkers copy.jpg
purple present copy.jpg
green growe the coasters copy.jpg
gold glam copy.jpg
grapegold pinkness copy.jpg

Watercolor Mosaics

warm checkers

Purple Present

green grow the coasters

gold glam

grape gold pinkness

each coaster is hand assembled, so colors and patterns will vary somewhat.

Note Cards and Greeting Cards

spread 2.jpg

I have a full line of original notecards and greeting cards.  There are several prepackaged sets available, but you can also build your own collection.


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